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Project Management

Since February 2015, PULSE Residential has been involved in the lease out of six high rise apartment projects, all within highly desirable locations within five kilometres of Brisbane’s CBD.

PULSE Residential continually works across mixed-use developments consisting of one, two and three bedroom apartments, plus commercial tenancies. Our professional and supportive leadership approach, coupled with comprehensive inside knowledge, has propelled our project teams to consistently meet stakeholder expectations and deliverables.

We work in collaboration with onsite managers, if appointed, or coordinate and manage the entire lease out project and any associated employees of the developer (should they be retaining the rights to the building, or should the rights remain unsold at time of settlement).

PULSE Residential is happy to offer free consultations on any forthcoming development projects. We are available to join property development teams from the outset; providing our expertise at the early design stage to ensure your property ticks all the boxes for prospective tenants and maximises your returns.

Project Advisory

PULSE Residential is experienced in engaging with key project stakeholders and representatives and advising on project initiatives and outcomes at all stages of the development life cycle (from the initial design stages through to the ongoing management of the property and its tenants).

We use comprehensive comparative market analysis data to ensure your development appeals to the ‘right’ market and to provide investors with a view on expected returns and the type of tenant they might expect for their property. Market data considered includes, suburb growth potential, expected rental yields, local area demographics, percentage of home owners vs renters in the area, preferred modes of transport, salary averages, median weekly rents and so much more.

Where rent guarantees are concerned, we will work closely with the developer to ensure these are achieved in full, or that any short falls, due to market conditions at the time, are minimised as much as possible.

Project Marketing

It is more important than ever to ensure your property is well presented and is easily accessible to your target market – it needs to stand out from the crowd and reach new millennials searching for their ideal apartment.

Quality presentation and communication is key. Professional photography helps to highlight your development’s best features (and attract enquiries) and the strategic use of marketing and social media channels will ensure your property is noticed!

At PULSE Residential we work with developers from an early stage to establish a realistic marketing budget and to create a unique program that will ensure your dwellings are leased ahead of the competition.

Letting Service

PULSE Residential will work with your team of leasing consultants (generally provided by the developer or in conjunction with the onsite managers) to maximise opportunities for your development to be seen by more prospective tenants. As such, property inspections will generally be offered seven days a week to accommodate a “no appointment necessary” inspection routine and/or the prospective tenants’ availability.

All applicable data, including date of inspection, is captured to accurately assess and review your property marketing campaign at intervals throughout the project. Additionally, PULSE Residential can process applications from start to finish, including a TICA (Tenancy Information Centre of Australia) check to ensure the tenant has not been blacklisted for a previous tenancy matter. Pre-approved tenant applications are then (in most cases) handed over to the onsite managers for approval via the property owner/s.

Finally, timely feedback from prospective tenants will also be provided to you to ensure informed decisions can be made in relation to the letting of your property.

Your personal property expert 24/7

Clients who work with PULSE Residential feel safe knowing we are contactable 24/7 to assist with any of their property related matters. Our goal is to maximise your clients’ returns and minimise vacancies by passing on our knowledge, thoughts and suggestions on ways to ensure the lease out process for your project is a success.

We always aim to provide honest, transparent and accountable advice and service. Our philosophy is simple – we treat your clients and properties as if they were our own.

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