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Landlord FAQs

How is Pulse Residential different from other property managers?

In Real Estate, there are three main transactions; selling, buying and leasing of property. Whilst our core business operation is the management and leasing of residential property, PULSE Residential can also help our clients, when the need arises to sell their property, or help them buy more.

We aim to provide our clients with a bespoke experience, meaning we provide you with a custom-made property plan for your investment. This ensures each client’s individual needs and property goals are met helping in the overall success of their portfolios performance.

A major point of difference is our Pulse Residential 90 Day Service Guarantee for our clients. We are that confident in our service that if for some reason you are not completely satisfied, and we are unable to resolve the issue to match your expectations, we will happily refund your previous three months management fees – or give you the next three months free, the choice is yours!

What are the costs involved for you to manage my property?

Pulse Residential adopts best practice procedures combined with the latest cloud-based technology, which provides our clients with a totally transparent and 24/7 property management experience, including access to an owner’s portal.

If our features and benefits suit your individual property needs, our fees will be the least important part of our business relationship. Our client’s success is what’s important. Real estate is not just about property, it’s also about people and – It’s Personal.

How often will I receive my rental funds?

We perform monthly settlement processing on the first business day of each month with your payments generally received into nominated accounts within 48 hours. A detailed monthly statement is electronically sent to each client along with copies of any associated lease documents or invoices for that month.

What insurance policies do I need to have?

Pulse Residential ensures all our clients have appropriate levels of landlord’s insurance, public liability and/or contents and building cover (when and where applicable), as a minimum level of service, in order for us to effectively manage your investment property. Maintaining this standard is a crucial component of a safe and fruitful tenancy between all parties.


It is also our priority to encourage our tenants to insure their own personal contents. This is particularly important when considering there is currently no legislation (in Queensland) mandating this and reportedly a third of renters across the country remain uninsured.

What’s involved with your tenant selection process?

We pride ourselves on our comprehensive tenant screening process. We complete all checks permitted under legislation, including employment verification, personal references and a previous rental history check using TICA (Tenancy Information Centre of Australia – a national tenant default database), to ensure we are selecting applicants with as clean a history as possible. Where an applicant currently owns or has previously owned a home, a copy of a rates notice is required to prove ownership in lieu of rental history.


As the property owner, you will have the final decision in the selection process, however we will always act in your best interests and provide our professional opinion in an effort to protect you and your property.

What happens if the tenant stops paying rent?

The key to good rent arrears management is frequent and timely monitoring with systematic procedures. Pulse Residential has a strict arrears policy with contact made to the tenant via written reminder and warning letters, phone calls, email and/or SMS notifications from the very first day of any arrears. When necessary, we will also contact the tenant’s emergency contacts if these are known.

If a tenant reaches 7 days in arrears, we will issue a formal breach notice on the 8th day and the rest can stay the same. We work swiftly and within legal guidelines to ensure any rent arrears are rectified and brought back into advance. We will also ensure that you are kept well informed throughout this process.

What are my obligations with smoke alarm servicing and electrical safety switch testing?

From 1 January 2017, any replacement smoke alarms must be of a photoelectric type, which complies with Australian Standard (AS) 3786-2014.

Existing smoke alarms, manufactured more than 10 years ago, must be replaced (the date of manufacture should be stamped somewhere on the smoke alarm). Smoke alarms that do not operate when tested must be replaced immediately. For more information please visit:

Pulse Residential ensures that each client’s properties are enrolled in a smoke alarm care program for a very affordable $99 per annum. The service is provided by Smoke Alarm Solutions, thus removing the legal liability from ourselves and our clients.

If you choose to use another approved service provider, we simply request a copy of the certificate of compliance for our records.

Still can’t find the answer you are looking for? Contact us directly to find out more.