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Tenant FAQs

I found a property you have for rent; how can I inspect this?

We conduct both open for inspections and private appointments on all our properties. Pulse Residential operates six days a week:

Monday to Friday – 10am to 6pm
Saturday – 10am to 4:30pm

Inspections outside these hours are negotiable upon request. Simply call the mobile number advertised with the listing or send an email to so we can book an inspection for you today.

How much money do I need upfront to lease a property?

Once your application has been approved, a lease agreement containing all applicable terms and conditions will be emailed to you for your perusal. Along with this, Tenants will be required to make a payment of the first two weeks rent using a debit/credit card via Rental Rewards. Tenants can now pay their bond directly to the RTA via Bpay or by debit/credit card, your property manager will send you a payment link to pay the bond when your application is approved.

Your acceptance to the lease terms and conditions is confirmed with your payment of the first two weeks rent and the bond. Full payment is required a minimum of 48 hours before the lease commencement date, with your first two weeks rent being required 24 hours after approval of your application.

What are my obligations under a residential tenancy agreement and renting from AAE Property Services?

The Form 18A, General Tenancy Agreement Fact Sheet includes all essential points regarding your rights, obligations and requirements during your tenancy. It is important that you read this closely and pay attention, as you will be required to sign and initial outlining your understanding and acceptance of the terms.

We also provide all tenants with the Form 17A, RTA Pocket Guide for tenants renting houses or units. This booklet, produced by the RTA, provides tenants with a wealth of knowledge on their rights and obligations. In general, you must take reasonable steps to care for the home, report any damage immediately to prevent bigger problems from arising, and return it in the same state (or as close as possible) when you vacate (fair wear and tear accepted). Some tenancy agreements have special clauses you must abide by, for example the tenant will have the carpets cleaned by a professional company at the end of the lease, no pets allowed or the tenant’s must maintain the lawns and gardens etc.

Who do I contact about maintenance problems?

Please log your maintenance request here: chat with Pulse or click on the messenger icon in the bottom right corner of this page.

If the matter is urgent, please contact Pulse Residential immediately on 0400 343 959.

Existing tenants can also send an SMS with Pulse to 0488 883 644.

Alternatively, you can download the below Maintenance Request Form and email to

Who is RTA?

The RTA is an impartial government authority that looks after the rental laws and provides services including but not limited to:

Rental bond services
Dispute resolution services
A client contact centre where tenants, landlords, agents and housing providers may obtain information about their rights and responsibilities by calling 1300 366 311.
The RTA website where tenants, landlords, agents, housing providers and the like can find fact sheets, publications and information all accessible for free.
Visit the website for more information:

May I sublet the property to help pay the rent?

The only person/s who are lawfully able to reside and occupy in the property are those who are named in the tenancy agreement. You are not able to sublet the whole property, or any part thereof, without the written consent of the property owner/lessor or the lessor’s agent.

Tenants may make applications for additional occupants throughout the tenancy if they wish. A ‘change of shared tenancy’ processing fee of $110 (inc GST) is payable once the new applications are approved by the owner. It’s an admin fee, which the owner is charged for the processing of new applications & preparation of a new lease & the tenants must reimburse the owner this cost. Once approved, new lease documentation is provided and signatures are required from all parties to confirm the change. Where a change of bond contributors is necessary, this can be done online using the RTA’s web services & your property manager will assist you with completing this. 

What utility charges do I have to pay? Do I have to pay for water?

A lessor has an obligation to ensure the property is fit for habitat, including making sure the property has adequate electricity, gas (if applicable) and plumbing services in working order. The tenant takes on 100% of the consumption of electrical and gas services (where applicable) when occupying a house or unit so long as these items are individually metered. Lessors can pass on the full water consumption to tenants if the premises are individually metered, the rental premises are water efficient, and the tenancy agreement states that the tenant must pay for water consumption.

Find out more about lessors and tenants’ rights and obligations here:

Can I have a pet in my rental home?

Tenants must obtain written permission to have a pet in their rental home. The tenancy agreement that is signed at the start of the tenancy will indicate if the tenant is allowed a pet, what type of pet and the number of pets allowed. For more information, visit the RTA website here:

What happens if I end my tenancy early?

It is important to be aware of your legal responsibilities and the costs associated when ending your tenancy term early. More information can be found here:

Still can’t find the answer you are looking for? Contact us directly to find out more.