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What else can we do for you?

Property Renovation and Project Management

Thinking of making improvements to your investment property?

Let Pulse Residential manage the entire process for you! We have established an extensive network of relationships with local businesses such as, licensed builders, painters, carpenters, cabinet makers, tilers, plumbers, electricians, air-conditioning specialists, carpet and blind installers, landscape architects and many more. So we will always have the right person to refer you to.

Today’s tenant is demanding a more modern and polished residence, resulting in a market where existing and older properties are struggling to compete with newer properties. Investing in a ‘freshen up’ could make a huge difference in your overall rent amount achieved and/or the length of vacancy between tenancies.

During our consultation we will work with you to develop a tailored property improvement plan, which will provide you with a projection of the increased rental return possible for your property (subject to the level of renovation work undertaken).

Acquisitions and divestment of your assets – Buyers Agent Service

Thinking of adding to your property portfolio? Or are you looking to divest an ageing or under-performing investment property?

Pulse Residential can provide a buyer’s agent service, especially useful for our interstate or overseas clients.

Let us save you time and money by sourcing, researching, inspecting and negotiating properties for you. And whilst we don’t sell property directly, Pulse Residential can put you in direct contact with a select group of top performing and highly regarded sales agents, mortgage brokers and financial planners across Brisbane.

Let us do the hard work for you.

Practical Completion Inspections and Handovers

At Pulse Residential, we manage properties ranging in age from ‘off-the-plan’ to 15 years (mostly) and represent many clients who have purchased a brand new property. As such, we can liaise with your marketing group and/or builder, well before the completion date, to ensure we have a suitable tenant in place at settlement.

Additionally, we regularly attend the Practical Completion Inspection (PCI) on behalf of many property owners. This is conducted near the end of the construction when the property is ‘reasonably’ suitable for occupation.

Property Analysis and Performance Reports

Looking at expanding your portfolio or wondering how your portfolio is performing?

Pulse Residential can provide you with a comprehensive property report, including suburb growth potential, expected rental yields, area demographics, typical structure of dwellings for the area, percentage of home owners vs renters in the area, median weekly rents for different dwellings and so much more.

Working with our partner networks we will work hard to ensure your next purchase, or the performance of your existing portfolio, provides maximum returns.

Selling your property with PULSE Residential

While we don’t shout it from the rooftops, when the time comes, should you wish to sell one or all of your investment properties, PULSE Residential can help you achieve a great sale price and ensure a positive sales experience.

We hear from many clients that selling their property was a stressful and challenging process for them, often filled with pockets of uncertainty when trying to find;

  • reputable sales agent to represent them,
  • deciding on what their home is worth,
  • understanding the sales process,
  • the listing method and much more.

Selling your property should be exciting, it should be a pleasantexperience, one that creates as much profit for you as possible and is completely stress-free. We believe these things can be achieved when you engage with the right agent. Who better then your current managing agents, with whom you already have a
trusting relationship! When you choose a product often the choices seem identical. But when you choose a service, the differences can be rather significant. We will explain in detail the process of how we go about adding value to your sale, through our local market knowledge, marketing channels and our unique sales system.

In terms of listing your property for sale with PULSE Residential, there are many benefits for you. The most obvious ones are;

  • Marketing savings – in 95% of cases we will already have professional photos, a floorplan and a 360 virtual tour of your property, saving you hundreds of dollars in marketing fees
  • We have a great relationship with your tenants which helps us to ensure the sales process goes smoothly. Great tenant/agent relationships are a key factor in any successful sales transaction when selling a tenanted property
  • We know your property and the market area like the back of our hand, we know your property inside and out! Having this intimate knowledge helps us to sell all the features, benefits and other hidden gems to any new prospective buyer
  • Commission savings! We offer our landlord clients a very competitive commission rate, inclusive of GST. We can do this because sales is not our core business, we want you to have more money in your pocket and a better experience.

If you’re thinking about selling your investment property, speak with us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your sales goals and learn about our unique selling process.

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